JULY 17, 2019


ARCHINFORM bureau is happy to present another original architectural property designed and implemented by us in Yekaterinburg.

'7 Heaven' is a modern residential complex on Gurzuvskaya Street. For us, it was essential to offer a non-utilitarian approach towards shaping a new business class residential complex.
The building has 24 storeys and is well seen in the city's silhouette from different angles. That's why, in the compositional solution, we put the focus on the combination of several scales.

A low-rise section faces Gurzuvskaya Street, shaped by 5-storey residential buildings. This section supports the existing scale. A high-rise section is a variable height slab with volume clipping at the level of the 16th floor; thus, another high-rise tier corresponding with the building on the opposite side of the street is figuratively locked. Floors 16 to 24 feature a separate block, completing the overall composition.

The architecture of the project is pure functionalism, nothing in excess – clear lines, each architectural detail fits the context of the expressive solution. Color and material accents are laconically used in the finishing of the facades.

As a result, an unusual and bold, for a residential building, concept, based on pure proportioning of volumes and harmony between function and form. All this makes the building expressly conceptual, and separate architectural details create specific accent.

ООО 'AstraInvestStroy' (GK Astra) was the client for this project.