JANUARY 11, 2019


One of the most established Russian editor companies in the field of architecture, 'Proyekt Rossyia' magazine, has written about the project for 'Bike House' motorbike dealer showroom on Moskovskyi Trakt (Yekaterinburg). The project has made its way into the top list of most interesting architectural projects and has been published in one of the latest issues of the magazine.
'If we recall all the polar and alien stations from sci-fi movies, it's easy to notice that all of them represent a certain version of a hangar. And if you approach this version creatively, just like the authors of the project in Yekaterinburg did, this simple and economical construction, like a container made of sandwich panels on a fabricated metal frame, will become the perfect decoration for the theme of travelling, adventures and extreme life conditions – the goods presented in the showroom are designed for extreme lovers. In the result of artistic reinterpretation, the façade has acquired a second layer made of laid-on fins designed to create an illusion of complex rhythm and to build an associative flow connected with snowdrifts and northern lights (the showroom's goods have the North Star on their logo).
The same technique is used in the interior: in the wall finishing that can be figuratively called an interior façade. This wall divides the double-height showroom from utility service rooms. The mezzanine floor located above can be accessed via two cage-like stairs, which serve as color focus points of the interior space. Their rigid design is echoed by simple wooden pallets stacked on top of each other like podiums.
The reception desk solution also repeats the fine graphics of the open metal frame. Artistic graphics is also presented by the decorative cantilever lighting, creating a silhouette of a frozen crisp cloud of luminous lines. The combination of these details decorating the laconic image of the hangar gives the showroom a special atmosphere – that of a little coolness, a little danger and very close to the hearts of those who come here to buy four-wheelers and snowmobiles', says the article.
The starting point in designing was a banal hangar – pure functionalism. It was a black rectangular block, stripped of everything. And for us, it became a blank sheet calling for creativity. We tried to give this building an illusion of façade dynamics with one technique and to do it as simple as possible.

The construction of the motorbike dealer showroom on Moskovksyi Trakt was completed in 2017. Earlier, two more 'Bike House' showrooms had been built in Yekaterinburg upon the projects by our bureau.