OCTOBER 26, 2019


The second Russian Youth Architectural Biennale took place in Kazan on October 24 – 25, 2019. The all-Russian architectural forum featured an exposition of 30 best projects from young architects for improving and developing of industrial areas.
Biennale took place in a grand open scientific cluster – the 'Innopolis' IT city, 40 km away from Kazan. The presented innovative city is home for young professionals, prospective university students, and tutors developing modern information technologies.

The theme of the second Russian Biennale was rethinking of industrial architecture of the past. Buildings that have lost their initial functions and are waiting for somebody to breathe new life into them. This is, undoubtedly, a relevant issue because almost every modern city has such resources at their disposal. They do have them but don't know what to do with them.

The finalists of Biennale developed projects of improvement for industrial areas of Kazan city. Participants presented their vision, reimagining industrial zones and integrating them into urban fabric. The areas that can fully restore their initial function or get a new one and become the driver stimulating nearby districts and cities to develop.
During the event, all visitors also had the opportunity to participate in various lectures, discussions and interesting activities.

Timur Abdullaev, the leader of ARCHINFORM and the founder of the School of Chief Architect, was invited to the forum as a speaker and moderator in two discussions.

The first discussion addressed the following issue: How to create new value for the area by means of architecture? The talk touched upon the role of chief architects in the development of urban environment, their influence on city-planning policies and those difficulties that newly appointed chief architects face.

Participants of the talk included young chief architects from different cities and subjects of Russia. Timur Abdullaev, the moderator, recently occupied the post of the Chief Architect of Yekaterinburg himself and even started a social educational project – the School of Chief Architect, an instrument fror discussing relevant issues regarding urban development with authorities, business and professional communities.
Another discussion moderated by Timur Abdullaev at the forum had the following topic: Creative architectural education for schoolchildren. There, Timur shared his successful experience of conducting an educational architectural program for senior schoolchildren. The program has been running in Yekaterinburg for two years, at the SCA LAB Urban Architectural Laboratory platform.