ARCHINFORM architectural bureau was founded in 2008; however, our team began its active architectural practice as far back as 2002. Since then we have developed a large number of designs for residential and public properties, as well as urban environment improvement projects, many of which won awards and diplomas at high-profile Russian and international architectural competitions.

Our bureau works with custom-made architectural design, which means that there are no typical tasks for us. Architecture is more than just a profession for us; it's our calling. Each new project is a creative challenge for us. A small but tight-knit team of our bureau solves the full range of design tasks, from concepts and sketches to developing project and specification documentation. Currently there are over 20 specialists, architects, urban planners and urban environment designers working at the bureau, and the company is actively developing, gaining new competences and solving increasingly interesting and complex design tasks. We believe that an architect's work efficiency is primarily determined by material evidence of his or her activity – buildings and structures. We don't do 'paper architecture', and our portfolio already includes over a dozen original architectural designs of various scales.

Currently the company is on the rise, extending its competences not only in the field of complex architectural design, but also in the sphere of urban planning, working on major planning projects and area development concepts on various scales, ranging from blocks to urban planning areas.
Timur Abdullaev I The founder of the bureau
We regularly participate in architectural competitions and exchange experiences with our foreign counterparts. The accumulated experience enables us to evaluate the development potential of an area not only from an architectural and planning point of view, but also from the position of forming a sustainable urban environment as a combination of social, cultural and economic processes.

ARCHINFORM architectural bureau has been a committed partner of the School of Chief Architect @sca_archschool and the SCA LAB Urban architectural Laboratory @sca_lab, contributing into the professional development of the youth and fostering future generations.
Architectural and urban planning concepts
Creative urbanistic solutions for the development of planning areas and renovations of urban quarters. Complex assessment of the area's development potential.
Comprehensive development projects
Finding a balanced solution for the development of new planning areas in terms of development parameters, as well as transport and social infrastructure provision.
Area planning projects
Developing documentation for planning areas in line with the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation. Developing parcel plans. Supervision during documentation reconciliation.
Complex general planning
Functioning as general planners. Full development cycle of project and specification documentation at all stages of design. Undergoing project appraisal. Supervision during construction.
Architectural design
Developing creative, modern, high-tech architectural solutions that not only attract attention to the building but can also create added value for the property.
Urban environment design
Modern improvements to different-scale elements of urban environment. Working with unique meanings and themes for public spaces. Developing unique modern street furniture.
Interior design
Developing creative and modern designs for public, commercial and office buildings.
Field supervision at the site
Supervising the process of construction and mounting works. Tracking precise compliance of the developed architectural and design solutions with their implementation.