JANUARY 02, 2020


The ARCHINFORM team approaches all its projects creatively. Making merchandise is not an exception. It is always unusual, creative and has original design.
This time, in the process of creation we were inspired by a traditional Czech board game of PeXeSo and made our own, architectural version.

Our version of PeXeSo is a stylish black box with 64 cards. The backs of the cards have the same laconic black look with our bureau's logo in the middle, while the faces have pictures of structures designed by ARCHINFORM.

When you play PeXeSo you will easily memorize what is depicted on the cards, so our projects will definitely stick in your memory.
We are proud of our projects and we would like to share them with you, because, even in our city, many of them have been already implemented, but people don't know the authors.

Among the projects depicted on the cards one can see fragments of such buildings as the '7th Heaven' residential complex, 'Bike House', Sverdlovsk Region Government Car Service Building, and the interiors of 'SOLO' and 'DERUFA' companies etc. You can learn more about all these projects in the corresponding sections of our website.

We are pleased that those who got the game as a gift can spend a couple of evenings playing it and, at the same time, getting to know our work.