FEBRUARY 25, 2019


UMMC is planning to build a 28-storey multifunctional complex with apartments and offices in the center of Yekaterinburg; the project was developed by ARCHINFORM bureau. It is the reconstruction of an abandoned office building and the construction of a new one. Apart from that, it is planned to improve the area around the complex; according to the project, a parking can be arranged underneath it, and public space with a public garden, a children's playground, a café and an amphitheater can be developed on ground. In essence, this is partial realization of the concept of beautification of the central part of Yekaterinburg, developed earlier at the commission of KB Strelka.
'This is going to be a unique project, in terms of its architectural and engineering solutions. The building is actively included into the urban silhouette from every angle: from the waterfront of the city pond, from the 1905 Square, and from the Yekaterinburg-City area. That is why we originally aspired for an image that would be perceived dynamically from different sides, so that the building would continuously show different faces in the panoramic view. Its architecture relies on a complex silhouette formed by a large number of protruding summer quarters, terraces and balconies, the outline of which changes dynamically from one façade to the other', Timur Abdullaev, the bureau's founder, told Znak.com.

The architects worked through several versions of the project but settled on the one that creates a colorful image, on the one hand, and is functional, on the other. 'When we talk about a residential building, it is not always appropriate to use overcomplicated or kitsch architectural techniques that are in conflict with the functional use of the building. Undoubtedly, an architectural solution is important in terms of composition, but quite often it is functionality that makes an architectural idea feasible. One of the most important tasks of an architect is making the right choice of expressive means, depending on the project he or she is working on', Timur Abdullaev points out.
The plot where the implementation of the project is planned consists of two parts. On one of them, stands the unfinished 'International Trade Business Center', the construction of which started in 1993 upon the initiative of Eduard Rossel, Sverdlovskaya region Governor at the time. in spring 2018, it was reported that one of the UMMC structures bought out the site. The second plot, where a 28-storey multifunctional complex is planned, is not developed, but was fenced a long time ago, because the construction of an administrative office building was intended there.

'We are working with both plots: reconstructing the existing unfinished property and designing a new multifunctional property on the empty site', Abdullaev explained. The first two floors of the high-rise will accommodate offices, cafes and a fitness center. The top two floors will also accommodate office premises. However, the main part of the complex will be occupied by apartments.
The project of this multifunctional complex has several other features, including partially accessible roof. 'The complex will have two sections of different number of storeys. The roof of the low-rise block will have a terrace for the residents. The top floor of the high-rise block will have a terrace with a complex-shape canopy', the architect said. Apart from that, all the premises of the complex will have panoramic windows. 'This means that the building will actually have perimetral glazing. Each apartment will have absolutely unique views of the central part of the city', Abdullaev assures.

Besides, UMMC has undertaken the obligations of beautifying the adjacent area. 'Today, this area is a zone of chaotic parking which does not have quality landscaping. At the same time, the square is located on one of the main pedestrian routes in the city: it's the pedestrian Vajnera Street, which continues towards the waterfront, the Drama Theater, Yekaterinburg City and Yeltsin Center. This means that the square has great pedestrian potential but it's not used nowadays, as pedestrian traffic is hampered', the architect explains.
ARCHINFORM's project presupposes the reconstruction of the whole square. 'We are making an underground parking under the square, which will provide for the needs of the new property and have a certain surplus. On ground level, an open public garden will be laid out, with a playground zone and an amphitheater for themed events. It will also feature a summer café. Besides, public toilets are also in the project', the architect says. So, according to him, the whole zone will be included into the overall system of pedestrian space from Vajnera Street to the waterfront and will be accessible to all the citizens.

Apart from the square itself, the project includes a street fragment between the designed property and the regional government building. Nowadays, it features an unattractive pedestrian zone – basically, just an asphalt road.

Earlier, ARCHINFORM had prepared a beautification concept for public spaces in the center of Yekaterinburg, including Oktyabrskaya Square, of at the commission of KB Strelka. 'The solution that we are offering now is in essence successive. It's great when a private investor is ready to contribute to the beautification of a public city space, because it is absolutely unclear when Oktyabrskaya Square would receive budget for beautification', Abdullaev says.

Now, the bureau has started developing project documentation. 'We are planning to complete the work this year', the architect concludes.
Source: Znak.com