JANUARY 20, 2020


This Monday, our partners SCA LAB started a new educational season at the Architectural School for senior schoolchildren.
Architectural School is the opportunity for children to learn about the history of architecture and design, to study the basics of architectural composition and to get the general idea of the design process, as well as developing their creative potential and making the first step towards their future career.

The program is supported by the Department of Education and the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City Administration of Yekaterinburg.
The new educational program will give new insights into the city and the urban environment, will provide the opportunity to shape one's own creative vision to solve various design tasks.

The program includes theoretical and practical sessions under the supervision of experienced tutors, as well as lectures and masterclasses from guest experts and excursions to the most interesting site of Yekaterinburg.

The topics for future design projects were presented by several partners:
1. 'Transformation of urban spaces. Life within and without', Yekaterinburg Center of Contemporary Arts
2. 'Urban public spaces in front of the Youth Theatre', the Youth Theatre
3. 'Summer stage for the "Shchelkunchik" Ballet Theatre', the "Shchelkunchik" Ballet Theatre
4. 'Interior public spaces', the City Music House
5. 'Modern library space. New values – new technologies', Yekaterinburg Library Center
6. 'Creative space' at the Children's Art School n.a. Mosin
Three academic months are ahead for the participants, under the supervision of the team and the experts of the School of Chief Architect.

We are grateful to the Office of Cultural Affairs and to our partners for the opportunity to work on real-life design tasks as part of our design projects.