Our bureau is a team of like-minded people for whom architecture is not just a profession, but also a philosophy and a way of thinking. Our team includes experienced architects, urban planners, urban environment designers and interior designers. We continuously extend our competences by participating in various architectural competitions and increase the efficiency of our work by forming new talented design teams.


Our activities are aimed at making the surrounding urban environment better. We approach each new project as a unique and very responsible, creative engineering task. For us, the mission of an architect is not simply to create physical environment, but to design life as a combination of social, cultural and economic processes.


Our experience shows that tasks that initially have many difficulties related to the design area, ambiguous urban planning context or budget limitations pose the most interest.

The combination of experience and knowledge in the field of urbanistics and urban planning allow us to form a comprehensive ideology for the future project, from concept to detailed project documentation development. We are not afraid of new challenges: quite often, unorthodox and complicated design tasks lead to the most outstanding, unusual and interesting architectural solutions. When working on a project, we cooperate with leading engineering and construction companies. Efficient interaction within a highly qualified and friendly team allows us to solve the most challenging and ambitious tasks.


Our bureau is continuously developing, and we are interested in the development of our employees and specialists. We provide training, exchange experience and support the idea of training trips for our future employees. Of key importance to us is the efficiency of work, that's why we are continuously testing new approaches to solving various tasks and forming new design teams. We organize training and internships for the youth, so talented young professionals get a chance to become part of our bureau's team.