DECEMBER 20, 2019


Another international award has enlarged our collection of professional achievements. This figurine is a prize for the best implemented public space project, at the international architecture and design competition – the Golden Trezzini.
The award was once again given to our project of the improvement of the waterfront area along Gorkogo Street in Yekaterinburg. This is its fourth award. Earlier it made the Top 30 best projects in land improvement of Russia, was awarded the first prize of the 'Zolotaya Kapitel' festival and a silver diploma at the 'Zodchestvo' festival.
The Golden Trezzini award is a special prize for us because the best works in this competition are featured in the collection of the State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg.
'Our project is a unique idea of transforming an ill-judged city-planning solution of the developer, which led to the appearance of an underground parking in the waterfront area. We have attempted to turn this unfortunate neighbourhood into a new attractive and modern element of urban environment. The project connects two levels of the waterfront, providing comfortable movement for pedestrians and cyclists. New public space is arranged along the riverbed, with additional functions incorporated into the modern landmorphic architectural and landscaping solution', says Timur Abdullaev, the founder of ARCHINFORM.